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Labour Day Weekend

The Lytton River Festival is a celebration of two great rivers – the Thompson and Fraser – and their historic and present role in the small community of Lytton, BC.


Special Announcement: 

We acknowledge concerns about continuing with the festival in light of the wildfire burning near the community, and the consequences including having residents evacuated from their homes. The purpose of the River Festival is to Build Community Through Culture, and we feel that this will be an excellent opportunity to do that. Due to the hard work of the Forestry Wildfire Fighters, RCMP, Lytton First Nation, and VSA highways contractor, the wildfire is now at a much-reduced risk to the community.

The Festival is an opportunity to focus on the resilience of our community members, facing these emergencies with good humor and positive action. The organizing committee has also expressed the intention of helping those adversely affected by the wildfire in any way possible; including finding accommodation and any other efforts that can assist evacuees. Consultations with numerous community members, including some evacuees, elders, and members of the Lytton First Nation indicate that the decision to continue with the Festival would be supported by them.

Based on this information, and after some careful consideration and discussion, the committee has decided to continue with the planned Festival on September 2nd and 3rd. All performances and events will also go on as planned.

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend, and thank you for your support!

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Join us on Labour Day

This is your invitation to become part of an event that celebrates the important role that these two great rivers have played in Lytton’s history and culture. Come for a day or stay for three; you’ll be glad you did.



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